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Anthanasia Moncrief - The Journey of Nasia Moncrief

Hi! I’m Anthanasia Moncrief, commonly known as Nasia. I have had a dynamic and eventful life journey. I grew up in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, where my early education took place at Maternity Blessed Virgin Mary grade school and middle school. Continuing my educational journey, I attended Washington High School and later graduated from Saint Hubert’s High School.

After highschool, I wanted to further my education, and so enrolled in Philadelphia Community College. There I gained essential business administration skills that would serve as the foundation for my future endeavors.


After college, I went on to earn my real estate license from Temple University  and began working as a real estate agent in Greater Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of working with Coldwell Banker, a well-respected organization in the real estate world. I did site studies to successfully advertise properties and displayed proficiency in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. This was an era of immense learning; an immersion into the art of property valuation, the science of negotiation, and the delicate balance of catering to diverse client needs. I made a name for myself in a competitive industry, earning the respect of my colleagues. The insights garnered during this phase resonated deeply with me, forming an integral part of my professional evolution.

Even though I already had one profitable career, an undeniable stirring in my heart led me towards a new horizon – entrepreneurship. This transition marked the inception of a journey that resonated with a powerful conviction to craft my own path, one defined by values, purpose, and a commitment to delivering excellence. It was during this chapter of my life that Prominent Cleaning came into being, more than just a company, but also a manifestation of my unwavering dedication to quality and exceptional service.

In the genesis of Prominent Cleaning, I sought to embody a philosophy that transcended mere business transactions. It was a tangible expression of my belief that attention to detail, meticulousness, and a genuine dedication to client satisfaction could reshape an entire industry. Each client served by Prominent Cleaning wasn’t just another contract; they were individuals deserving of having their imperfect spaces transformed into immaculate havens.

This venture into entrepreneurship became a canvas on which I could express  my values. My commitment to fostering growth, within both the business and the community, was deeply intertwined. With each project undertaken, I aimed to elevate not only the physical aesthetics of spaces but also the standards by which cleaning services were perceived. This endeavor was underpinned by an unyielding determination to uphold the principles that had guided me thus far – integrity, reliability, and a fervent pursuit of excellence.

I started Prominent Cleaning as a small, one-person maid service, and grew the company into one with  a crew of dedicated employees. They worked not only cleaning individual homes, but also on large contracts to bring newly-constructed properties to move-in ready perfection.  I was proud of each one of my employees for their hard work and high quality standards that kept the business successful.

After the pandemic, I transitioned from my previous endeavors into the vibrant hospitality industry. I began as a part of the dynamic team at a successful restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia, and became the Operational Manager within a year. My previous experience as a server, bartender and expediter enabled me to thrive in a high-volume environment while maintaining excellent service standards and forming strong bonds with guests.

. The abilities I gained include employee management, timetable organization, and inventory accuracy, all while supervising daily operations.  I have also become skilled at developing and executing sales-driven concepts, as well as ensuring that financial duties are handled efficiently. My experience in this capacity has sharpened my leadership skills and my ability to keep a busy establishment running smoothly.

I have constantly displayed outstanding leadership qualities throughout my working career. My ability to take initiative and create trust has been exceedingly important in my professional life, no matter the industry I work in.

With a diversified history in real estate, hospitality, and entrepreneurship, I have gained a variety of abilities ranging from marketing and financial management to client interaction and team coordination.

My diverse experiences have helped me grow into a  dynamic individual who can excel in a variety of professions and circumstances. My commitment to learning and evolving has been the key to my success.