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Meet Anthanasia Moncrief The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

Welcome to the world of Anthanasia Moncrief, affectionately known as Nasia Moncrief by her friends and loved ones. Hailing from the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Nasia’s journey has been impressive. From an early age, she exhibited a passion for education and an unwavering determination to succeed. Let us learn about this exceptional person’s intriguing life.

Nasia’s childhood in Philadelphia exposed her to a melting pot of cultures and viewpoints, which engendered her open-mindedness and adaptability in both her personal life and professional life. Nasia developed a strong sense of community and a desire to constructively contribute to her city’s society as she embraced its rich heritage.

Nasia attended the elite Maternity Blessed Virgin Mary grade and middle school, then Washington High School and Saint Hubert’s High School. In addition to earning her GED, her quest for education continued, bringing her to Philadelphia Community College, where she studied business. The skills she learned at PCC would prove fundamental to her professional success for the rest of her life.


Wide-Ranging Career Journey

Anthanasia Moncrief’s career journey reflects her diverse skill set and her ability to achieve in a variety of fields. Her determination to excel led her to obtain a real estate license from Temple University. She then collaborated with renowned Coldwell Banker and flourished as a real estate agent in the greater Philadelphia region. Nasia’s keen eye for real estate opportunities and her ability to build meaningful connections with clients quickly propelled her to success in a competitive market.

Meanwhile, Nasia’s entrepreneurial spirit shined as she established the profitable cleaning company Prominent Cleaning. The company’s outstanding service and constant devotion to client satisfaction earned it a stellar reputation. Nasia’s hands-on management style, as well as her ability to form and lead effective teams, aided the company’s growth and popularity. 

Later on, Nasia took on the challenge of Operational Manager at an established and successful restaurant in the heart of Center City. Her great leadership abilities and significant expertise in the hospitality industry shone through. Nasia was in charge of successfully managing the restaurant’s operational activities, including staff training and onboarding, marketing campaigns, and creating and maintaining a friendly yet professional rapport with guests.

Nasia’s professional trajectory has been shaped by establishing and meeting continually high standards for herself. Her excellent work ethic and ability to build trusted relationships with clients and coworkers alike have been important to her success.


Dedication to Helping Others

A note from Nasia:  

“Growing up in Philly has been a blessing in my life. Philly is the city of neighborhoods. These neighborhoods built and formed the woman I am today. The community saw me as a small child and planted seeds, guiding me through different circumstances and thrown at me through my life. Those community members planted seeds of culture, hard work and education. Seeing my life change before my eyes in a positive direction, I thanked these people and asked what I could do to repay them for the impact made on my life. They said ‘Give back to the community.’”

Throughout Nasia’s life, she has valued the generosity of those who have helped her along the way. Never taking that help for granted, she has always tried to pay it forward to others in any way she can. She is an active member of the community, supporting people who may not have had the easiest journey in their lives.

Nasia has supported abused women by creating support groups and speaking out against domestic abuse. She helps ease the distress of homeless people in the cold months of winter by bringing them blankets, hand and feet warmers and socks. She loves animals and has rescued and trained aggressive dogs so that they were able to socialize again and live out happy lives. She also looks out for the kids in her neighborhood. She gives them clothes for school and games, and even holds block parties for them so that they have a safe place to have fun.

“Seeing how grateful everyone seems is rewarding in itself enough for me to continue to be a stand-up woman in the community, and I will continue to always give back and encourage others to give back to the community as well.”



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